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BASIC GUIDELINES FOR THE FORMATION OF CO-OPERATIVES UNDER KARNATAKA SOUHARDA SAHAKRI ACT, 1997 ·There should be at least ten persons. ·These persons should be from different families. ·These persons should be competent to enter into a contract under the Indian contracts Act 1872. ·He should reside in the area of operation of the Cooperative. ·He should be eligible as per the bye-laws of the proposed Cooperative. ·Any individual, firm, company or any other body corporate can become member of the Cooperative. ·Any Cooperative registered under this Act (For Union cooperative) or Societies registration Act 1860. ·The object of the Cooperative should be promotion of economic interests or general welfare of the members or the public, in accordance with the co-operative principles. ·It should be economically sound, its registration should not affect adversely on the development of the co-operative movement. ·Its registration should not be contrary to the policy directives of the State government. PROCE…
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1.  After login, select Return Dashboard 2. Select Financial Year 2017-18 and Month July. Click Search and Select              GSTR-3B 3.  Declare your liabilities and ITC claims in Section 3.1 and 4 respectively   by clicking on the tiles and furnishing the required information. Transitional ITC cannot be claimed in GSTR3B. It can be claimed only through TRANS 1 and TRANS 2. 4 . Enter details of interest, if payable, in Section 5.1. Late fee will be computed by the system 5. Click on Save GSTR-3B button. After you save the data, Submit button will get enabled. Please note that after submit, no modification is possible. Hence ensure that details are filled correctly before clicking on Submit button. 6. On clicking Submit GSTR-3 Bbutton, System will post (debit) the self –assessed liabilities including system generated late fee in Liability Register and credit the claimed ITC into ITC ledger. 7 After this the Payment of Tax tile will be enabled, please click it and declare your payment detai…